Master of Engineering

Study in Brussels

How to Apply 

Admission to the BRUFACE Masters requires graduation, either in a ‘Civil' Engineering Bachelor Program issued by a recognized Belgian University, either in a similar study program from a recognized institution (minimum 3 years full time study or 180 ECTS credits).

The application occurs in two steps: (1) a pre-admission open all the year, and (2) a full admission. The full admission is open from March to September for students with permanent residence in EU or EFTA countries, and November to March for all other students.

The pre-admission is a quick check to judge if your academic background meets the prerequisites required for the Master of your choice. A motivated pre-admission response will be given within 14 calendar days. You can enter a pre-admission application NOW.  


Jacques De Ruyck
Bruface coordinator

+32 475 980045