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Université Libre de Bruxelles

The Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) was founded in 1834, four years after the birth of Belgium. It has seven faculties, several institutes and hospitals, as well as industrial and experimental centres in Brussels and Wallonia. Today it is set up on several sites and campuses in Brussels (Solbosch, Plaine, Erasmus) and in Wallonia (Charleroi, Treignes).

ULB is involved on every continent in many international research and development programmes. As a European university, ULB launched and coordinates the UNICA network of universities in European capitals, which includes 35 universities and over one million students. The quality of our research is evidenced in particular by three Nobel Prizes (awarded to Jules Bordet, Albert Claude and Ilya Prigogine), a Fields Medal (considered to be the Nobel Prize of mathematics, awarded to Pierre Deligne), the International Wolf Prize in Physics (awarded to Robert Brout and François Englert in 2004), two Marie Curie Awards (won by Marco Dorigo and Nicolas Cerf) and 22 Francqui Prizes (the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Belgium, the most recent of which was awarded to Pierre Gaspard in 2006). No other Belgian university has such an impressive list of achievements.