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Capital of Belgium

Belgium is a breeding ground for talent. Have you ever tried one of our famous Belgian chocolates? Have you ever heard the soothing music coming from a saxophone? Ever read a Tintin comic book? Or looked at a Magritte or Rubens painting? Have you ever read a book by George Simenon? Listened to Jacques Brel? Or worn clothes designed by Dries Van Noten? You’ve already guessed: all Belgian!

And where would modern medicine be without Andreas Vesalius, often referred to as the founder of modern human anatomy? Or how about the Belgian chemist, Ernest Solvay, who invented the industrial process for sodium carbonate production?

The cost of attending university in Belgium is very reasonable (especially in comparison to the US and the UK) thanks to generous government funding. However, Belgian education is internationally renowned for its high standard.

Belgium’s compulsory medical insurance system provides comprehensive coverage, making health care affordable for all. Patients are free to choose their hospitals and insurance providers.

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