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in Europe's capital

About Brussels

Any student searching for a change of pace should consider Brussels. It is a city of striking contrasts, famous for its deep, rich chocolates and its light, frothy beers. It has vast cityscapes surrounded by lumbering forests. It has exotic food dishes from steaming waffles to ornate truffles to pheasants, mussels and pralines. But its most striking contrast is its two halves: Lower Town and Upper Town.

Whether you are fascinated by medieval times or enjoy the shiny and new, Brussels will seem personally built for you. It is divided into two main areas. Lower Town looks like a village taken straight out of the medieval times. Cobblestone streets act like veins leading to the major organs of the city. Ilôt Sacré is the city's heart. Arching, gothic and jawdroppingly spectacular, Ilôt Sacré is an old commune now turned into a glorious tourist attraction for anyone with any passing interest in unforgettable architecture. Slightly south of the heart is the Cathédrale des Sts Michel & Gudule, a magnificent twin-towered cathedral that blends Romanesque, gothic and renaissance architecture in honor of Brussels's male and female patron saints.

Since Brussels has a central location in Europe, you can always visit neighbouring cities like Amsterdam, Köln, London, Paris and Luxembourg, each of which are only about two hours away by train.